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In Their own words

"You are an inspiration to me and so many others.

I am thrilled to be so active and working my body more than at any other period in my life, I met you later, but I'm living my best life right now!" - Client Amy, age 64, post-menopausal


mind and body
-By Rea

I have been working with Amber since May 2023, when she launched Hardcore Health, and I can confidently say the person I was back then and how I related to food and my body, is not who I am now.
I’m a mom of 3 kids, and was about 2 years postpartum when I first reached out. Stuck at a weight I never had been at before, no “diets” were working. The weight clung to me no matter what I did, and I was beginning to think this was it, the new normal…a mom of 3 and not getting any younger with a sad body to match. It was an awful, depressing feeling.
Enter Amber! When we started, she explained her story to me, where she was and how much weight she had lost since eating this way and I was totally onboard and ready to dive in! However, those first 8ish weeks were soooo hard. Not because of cutting back on food though, the opposite! We didn’t dive right into a diet, a low-calorie plan as I expected. Instead, we dove into fixing my stagnant metabolism, the reason I was not dropping the extra lbs.
Through those first 8 weeks of building up - eating more food than I have in my life and subsequently feeling like a sparkly human again - I let go of so much more than weight.
Amber’s constant gentle, kind, and caring support over those weeks helped me transform my relationship to food, my body, and the scale. She guided me to an understanding that food is fuel not the enemy, and I had been under eating for basically my entire adult life, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. She helped me trust that I would NOT blow up like a balloon by eating carbohydrates, that I in fact needed these carbs and proteins and fats to work out effectively, build muscle, and just feel more vibrant and alive.
During that build up phase, not only did my weight not fluctuate more than a couple pounds, but I lifted heavier than I ever have, I worked up to running father than I had in years, and from her recommendation to take before and after pictures (take them!), saw my body transforming before my eyes, even though the scale didn’t show it. I was floored, shocked, surprised, and of course, so very grateful to her.
Next came the cut, the phase I just finished now, what I was waiting for. Over the 5ish weeks where we gradually cut back on overall food intake, I dropped about 9ish pounds. 9! I hadn’t been able to do that in two years, and with her help I did it in 5 weeks.
I absolutely could not have done this on my own. Without Amber’s amazing knowledge about how the metabolism works, her weekly words of encouragement when I was down, and celebrating the wins with me too, I will be forever grateful to her, more than she knows! Anyone that is stuck in their weight loss journey needs to work with her and experience these amazing changes for themselves. It’s not a diet, it’s not quick, but it works and most importantly - it’s sustainable. Perseverance and grit are all required, but Amber will help you with the rest, and even those too, because she’s awesome :) -Client and Coach in Training, Rea

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“There’s so much unraveling and reweaving of my own truths around food that is coming up each week, and I feel like this week is an important one…

Thanks for being here with me, as this calm, solid, and positive foundation for me to lean on and work through alllll the things with. Even though I haven’t officially lost a pound yet, what I have lost is my old paradigm around food and eating and weight. And Amber, that is WILD. That is HUGE. If we stop here and I just eat like this forever and stay my current weight, I still am in suchhhh a better place with food, eating, my body image, my mental clarity, my strength and endurance, than I was when we started. We are undoing years and years of conditioning in mere WEEKS and it’s working and it’s sticking. It’s just incredible. I never liked how I thought about food or my body or any of it, but didn’t know how to change it… and here we are!! “  - Long-time Client, at the beginning of working the program, transforming 

My Big why
-by Amber


I struggled with my body and my identity for decades. Disordered eating was a big part of that struggle, as well as other food/drink/sugar/substance use that my empathic nature used to cope with the stressors of life. I just didn't know better, healthier, more sustainable ways to BE in the world, in my skin. I wasn't taught this. I had to learn it on my own, with the help and support and wisdom of many guides. Guides in literature and poetry, philosophy and the sciences. I studied hardcore on my quest to heal auto immune disease, heal from generational trauma, from body trauma, depression and anxiety, ADD, all the things; and find my way to my very best authentic self. I'm still walking that path; I don't know that I will ever arrive at the summit, however, I have learned how to enjoy the journey, thoroughly appreciate all the phases and stages. I'm now entering peri-menopuase, 3 years gratefully sober, and I'M IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE in mind and body. I can say I'm fit, through and through. I've transformed into the person I'd always wanted to be by giving my body the love it needed to thrive.


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