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The Team

My Background and Training 

Amber has always tried to live an active, athletic lifestyle, but it was hit and miss. She was a regular kid  in sports in southern California, where she grew up; sports like softball, soccer, basketball, track and field, and cross country running. She always wanted to play! She still does.


She studied creative writing and the arts in undergraduate college, and later, earned a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary studies, trained in Leading Healing/therapeutic Writing groups, specifically for mothers. She developed an autoimmune disease at age 30 and learned all she could to heal and manage it without medication. She is deep into alternative healing modalities that support the body to naturally repair itself and loves herbals, tinctures, supplements, and organic whole foods.


She is a farmer, and has been for 7 years. She homeschools 5 of her children, and she LOVES to read. 

Now, at age 43 she is a competitive Olymic Weightlifter, soccer coach, and all around athlete, game for anything fun outdoors! Kayaking, hiking mountains, SUP, pick up soccer, and a weightlifting/HIIT fitness instructor for Coastal Fitness, Kittery, ME>


Her dream is to open a local gym as a hub for all things BODY and MIND: healing, strength training, mobility, nutrition, Therapuetic writing and sharing circles, YOUTH programs, herbal supports, essential oils--ALL the things ;) Thanks for helping make my dream of serving women (and their families) a reality. One step at a time, I'm also Finding My Way.


  • Bachelor's Degree: U of Redlands, CA
  • Master's Degree: Goddard College, VT
  • Certified Nutritional coach for Eat to Perform​
  • Studied at National Academy of Sports Medicine

In Training

Hi, I'm Rea


I'm a homeschool mom of my three young kids. After my last babe, I was the heaviest I'd ever been, and the most determined to do something about it. I have been working with Amber for about a year now, and so much in my life (not just my body!) has transformed since then. I no longer am afraid of food and eating it. My relationship with my body is so much healthier. I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I have ever been, and so excited to see where I take my health and fitness journey next. I am also currently studying to become a Certified Nutrition Coach! 


Back when I was a kid myself, I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a major in Biology and minor in Spanish, and then received my Master of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University while working in the biotech industry. I worked in that industry for about 10 years, before I stepped away to be a full time mom to my first child. 


In addition to my desire to help others find food freedom and nutritional health, I also have a deep love of plants and sharing their healing energies with others. I've created my business, Energetics of Herbalism, to be a space where I share my love of plants and healing others with the world. By working 1:1 with clients and supporting them through Sacred Listening, Plant Pairing, and Frequency Medicine, I help them to discover the innate wisdom and strengths that lies within.   

As we move through life, that innate inner wisdom can be buried and silence from all the chatter around us. To access it again we need to dissolve blocks and shifting energy, and plant allies and frequency work are potent ways of doing just that. You can follow along and learn more about this side of my work on Instagram @Energeticsofherbalism

So welcome to Hardcore Health! I am thrilled you're here and taking that first step in reclaiming your health and fitness, and learning to truly love and adore your body in the process.

My team
My family

My Big beautiful family is the reason I'm here, able to serve others on their journeys. They are WITH me, behind me every step of the way, and I am beyond grateful for this tribe.



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