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Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching to Really Live Life


No judgement. No shame. All love. And a lot more Muscle. 

Find Your Way ToEnlightened Self-Care

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"Thanks for being here with me, as this calm, solid, and positive foundation for me to lean on and work through alllll the things with..." -Client, doing the mental work

"[Amber] is a beautiful, empathetic human with so much kindness and support to offer. If you're feeling stuck or unhappy with where you're at, I cannot recommend working with Amber enough." -Client and CIT, Rea


Our Philosophy-
Not Diet Culture But Enlightened Self-Care

At Hardcore Health Hub, we believe bodies are perfect, and that they constantly strive to heal themselves, they only need the building blocks and supports to do so. We believe in taking a holistic approach to nutrition, going beyond macros and incorporating many other facets of healing and growth, including gut health, immune function, hormones, and mental/emotional healing and relationship with food and body.

We do not promote outdated diet culture and weight obsession; this is Enlightened Self-Care of the highest order. Ensure you live life on your own terms by creating the healthiest body and mind you can. That is truly Hardcore; that is freedom.


We also believe that food is fuel, and medicine, that heals and nourishes our bodies. Our nutritionist is trained in helping clients improve their metabolic health, reach a healthy weight, build muscle, heal and repair cellular damage, and also heal that part of the self that let the damage and ill health occur. We do internal work on mental framing and Healthy Habit building to give us the foundation we need to take good care of ourselves.


We provide fully remote, online coaching, and work with you to develop a customized plan that takes into account your unique needs and goals. Let us help you live the rest of your life vibrant, with grace, strength, and mobility, at a comfortable and reasonable weight. Let us help you Find Your Way.


Amber has had a long and involved history with healing toxic relationships with food and body. After her 6th baby was born, she was 60# overweight, and had chronic back pain and very little muscle. Losing the excess weight proved extremely challenging, but she discovered THE WAY; how to heal her metabolism and build muscle at age 40. Genetics be damned! YOU CAN be fit and lose body fat after 40! Amber believes in healing metabolically and holistically, moving your body more, better, and often. She strives to help others heal that broken bond with the body through mindful awareness and love, balance, knowledge, data, and goal setting. She has coached hundreds of people to find their most confident and vital selves, as they strive to build A LIFE WORTH LIVING. 

Lead Coach Amber

Lead Coach

In Training

Meet Rea

Rea is a strong, authentic, and empowered self-healer. She is deeply invested in serving others and helping them find their way to their most confident selves. We adore her, and are thrilled to have her join the team! 

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  • One month period to begin Building Healthy Habits

    4 hr

    60 US dollars
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